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Your T-Shirt Your Words

Now you can have it your way, with the power to create Your T-shirt with Your Words, spelled out with Print Liberation's trademark hand-made typeface, hand screen printed onto a T-Shirt of your choice. Plus, you have the power to make more of Your T-shirts in the future, for a lower cost.

We've been designing, and hand screen printing T-shirts for over 15 years now, so it's something we take very seriously. Over the years we've fine tuned our screen printing skills and mastered the craft. It's not a job to us, screen printing is an artistic ritual, one that believes in the power of "hand made." That's why - unlike other custom T-shirt sites - we would never digitally print onto Your T-Shirt. To us the notion of a "custom made T-shirt" means abiding by the historic screen printing process - to learn more about our process, watch the video below, documenting start-to-finish of the full customization of Your T-Shirt.

Note: After you place your order, we'll send you an email with your text laid out mocked up on your selected T-Shirt and/or Tank. You can view the size chart: here

If you have any questions, or requests, please Live Chat with us, and / or shoot us an email at

$ 48.00

Text Preview:

Colorway Preview:


Made in the USA

Hand Screen Printed Fresh to Order

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